Residential Products

Power Your Home to the Future. The Latest and most Advanced features Intelligently Integrated and Connected to your Home.

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  • GEP 3-5kW

    Single-phase | 2 MPPTs

  • GEP 5-10kW

    Single-phase | 3 MPPTs

  • GEP 4-20kW

    Single-phase | 2 MPPTs

C&I Products

We care about the details. All the latest safety features integrated for maximum efficiency, enhanced productivity and peace of mind. The Intelligent choice. Start your Journey Today!

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  • GEP 25-36kW

    Three-phase | 3 MPPTs

  • GEP 50-60kW

    Three-phase | Up to 6 MPPTs

Energy Storage Product

Generate Electricity, Store Excess Energy, Take Back Control. Be the Champion of Energy Independence.

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  • GEH 5-10kW

    Single-phase Hybrid | Up to 4 MPPTs