The first GE solar inverter launch in Turkey took place at the EIF 2021 fair

GE Solar Inverter participated in EIF 2021 held in Antalya between 13-15 October. In its 14th year, this event brought various stakeholders of the solar energy industry together after 2 years. It has become the biggest energy exhibition of 2021.

One of the giants of the energy sector, GE hosted many visitors at its stand and successfully introduced its three new inverter models. Visitors had the chance to get detailed information about the GE Solar Inverter's organisation in Turkey.

GE Solar Inverters were exhibited for the first time in a special booth area and presented information on brand cooperation, product technical features and the new Turkey organisation of GE. The three solutions in product portfolio include the GEP 3 to 5kW, 2 MPPT, Single-phase inverter, the GEP 5-10kW, 3 MPPT, Single-phase inverter and lastly the GEP 25-60kW, up to 6 MPPT, three-phase inverter.

GoodWe Turkey General Manager, Engel Taştan, made the following statements, "It was great for all of us to meet with our customers again and present our great collaboration between GoodWe and GE. We are very pleased with the interest that we had during the fair.”

GE branded inverters are manufactured by GoodWe under the name 'GE Solar Inverter'. GE selected GoodWe as their licenced partner in 2020, as a move to expand its renewable energy activity. GoodWe is GE's preferred choice of partner due to the organisation's commitment to quality assurance and technical innovation.

GE Solar Inverter's goal is to be a major contributor towards Turkey's renewable energy transition and a major technological innovator in the ever-growing Turkey solar industry.

GE solar inverters have been designed to meet the rising expectations from homeowners and businesses and include all the latest technological adaptations and intelligent features. Our mission to continue leading Turkey’s transition towards renewables starts now.

GEP 3-5kW Single-phase | 2 MPPTs With beautiful aesthetics and user friendly design, GEP 3-5kW has an elegant screen and is light and easy to install. Despite its reduced size, this petite model is capable of 150% DC oversizing, 110% AC overloading and 98.3% max. efficiency, which gives it a unique competitive edge. With 13A max. input current per string, it is compatible with different types of modules. The latest and most advanced safety features are intelligently integrated and packed in this compact albeit powerful model.

GEP 5-10kW

Single-phase | 3 MPPTs

The GEP 5-10kW is the ultimate solution to cater for the residential segment’s rising expectations. This powerful single-phase model boasts 3 MPPTs for maximum power retention and absolute minimum power loss. With a startup voltage of only 80V, this superior, intelligently efficient inverter is specifically designed to harness solar power from sunrise to sunset regardless of irradiation and weather conditions. Extra reflections from the backside of bifacial panels drive the inverter to its maximum capacity and un-leash its full potential of 200% DC oversizing, allowing for up to 110% AC overloading. All these features intelligently packed into a light-weight model for a comfortable installation.

GEP 25-60kW

Three-phase | Up to 6 MPPTs

The GEP 25-60kW has been designed to meet the increasing expectations from the C&I segment. The GEP 25-60kW offers up to 6 MPPTs and is the ultimate solution for commercial rooftop PV systems. This future ready machine comes with incorporated I-V curve diagnosis, film capacitor and fuse-free design, optional anti-PID function, Type I surge protection on the DC side and AC terminal temperature detection, ensuring faster trouble-shooting, longer life-span and maximum safety. The GEP 25-60kW requires minimum O&M and offers an improved overall user experience for maximum comfort and minimum operation. All these intelligent features make the GEP 25-60kW one of the most future-proof inverters in its class.


Lorraine Khng

Marketing Manager