Higher Yield

Active Safety

Better Experience

Lower Start-up Voltage

The operating voltage is as low as 180V, which brings a higher yield even under low irradiation.

Up to 50% DC Oversizing

DC to AC ratio can reach up to 1.5, offering an additional 50% of DC power capacity.
More PV modules can be connected into your PV system for higher power

Supports High-power PV Module

With max. input current of 13A per string, it is compatible with high-power PV modules

Anti-PID function

Built-in function to secure PV module performance.
Nighttime recovery. Low consumption and no interference with regular daily generation.

Remote Shutdown

In case of emergency, the inverter can be shutdown remotely to maintain a safe operating environment

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

AC terminal temperature monitoring to prevent overheating Internal temperature & humidity monitoring for optimal working conditions

Surge Protection

Standard Type 2 surge protective devices integrated on both DC & AC sides of the inverter

Friendly Interface

High-precision LCD display and multifunctional app. Inverter commissioning and firmware upgrade one step away.

Smart Monitoring System

Supports plant registration by scanning device
Real time data monitoring at anywhere and any time
Featured and customized display of PV plants